Live YOUR Passion and Create the Life You Truly Want! 

All classes in ASL! 

Monthly Membership


All class in ASL--this is Sign Space!

  • Monthly classes to help you excel at life
  • Monthly Live YOUR Passion Mastermind session with Karen Putz, certified Mindvalley Life Coach
  • Connect with others who are fluent in ASL
  • Learn how to create a life you LOVE
Join Deaf Academy!

Join Deaf Academy

Membership includes:

Monthly Live YOUR Passion Mastermind. 

Monthly classes taught by deaf presenters. All in American Sign Language. No captions, no voicing--this is Sign Space. 

Classes on a variety of self-improvement topics (money, spirituality, motivation, success,  personal growth,  manifesting your dreams, etc.)

All the resources you need to live your passion and create the life you truly want! 

When you join as a member of Deaf Academy, you can view all of the classes anytime, anywhere! You can attend workshops LIVE every month, along with a monthly mastermind to keep you on track to success!