$25.00 USD


How to Embrace Your Spiritual Journey: The Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Instructor: Allison Friedman

The outcome of our journey is to learn to embrace our spiritual transformation rather than look at it negatively.

Our biggest challenges are literally a transformation to reconnect with our inner light. Inspired by my favorite spiritual teacher, Gabrielle Bernstein. she mentioned that people might think we changed but really we are just letting our light shine. Her wisdom stuck with me. 

Why take this course?

In the past few years, we have gone through a lot of changes on physical, mental, and soul levels, especially with world changes.

With more tools, we are able to dive into our personal transformation without feeling or staying stuck. This course is also a reminder that you are not alone.

  • How to navigate your spiritual journey
  • Spiritual awakening and ascension stages
  • Tools of how to cope with spiritual journey 
  • The art of surrender and manifestation 
  • Recognizing spiritual signs
  •  The importance of Oneness

This is a self-paced course taught in ASL/sign language that you can view anytime, anywhere from your phone or computer.